1st Battalion 12th Marines


1st Battalion 12th Marines

12th Marine Regiment

1st Battalion 12th Marines Leaders



Commanding Officer
1st Battalion 12th Marines
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel J. Skuce
Sergeant Major
1st Battalion 12th Marines
Sergeant Major Chad M. Coston




1/12 Shocks PTA

The Supporting Element

Video by Cpl. Khalil Ross

The commanding officers of 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, explain the purpose of artillery and training during Spartan Fury at Pohakuloa Training Area. They utilize notional forces to mark the battlefield and support the infantry with precision fire from their own gun-line.

1st Battalion 12th Marines Staff
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DSN: 312-457-2164
COM: 808-257-2164

Admin Chief
DSN: 312-487-1381
COM: 808-257-1381

S-2 Officer
DSN: 312-457-2297
COM: 808-257-2297

S-2 Chief
DSN: 312-457-2297

Operations Officer
DSN: 312-457-8110
COM: 808-257-8110

S-3 Alpha
DSN: 808-257-1702

OPS Chief
DSN: 808-257-1702

DSN: 808-257-1702

DSN: 808-257-1702


DSN: 808-257-1192

DSN: 808-257-1561

DSN: 808-257-3217

 S-4 Officer
DSN: 808-257-3205

 S-4 Clerks
DSN: 808-257-8010

 Supply Officer
DSN: 808-257-3118

 Supply Chief/Clerks
DSN: 808-257-3116

DSN: 808-257-1061

DSN: 808-257-1192

DSN: 808-257-1192

DSN: 808-257-1581

Maintenace Chiefs
DSN: 808-257-1581

BN MT Chief
DSN: 808-257-1581

 Floor Chief
DSN: 808-257-9919

 Engineer Shop
DSN: 808-257-1581

 BN Truck Master
DSN: 808-257-1581

Platoon Sergeant/MTO
DSN: 808-257-1581 

 HQ Armory
DSN: 808-257-0936

 A Armory
DSN: 808-257-0942

 C Armory
DSN: 808-257-0934

E Armory
DSN: 808-257-0935 

 BN Surgeon
DSN: 808-257-2497

Comm Officer
DSN: 312-457-5193
COM: 808-257-5193

Comm Chief
DSN: 312-457-8410

DSN: 312-457-2452

Data / Wire
DSN: 312-457-3426

DSN: 312-457-3401


1st Battalion, 12th Marines


Capt Guilliams

 Battalion Chaplain
Chaplain Rob Guilliams

Office: 808-257-0902

Chaplain Resources

RP3 Olliff

I am proud to serve you and your family as the Chaplain for 1st Battalion, 12th Marines. I am assisted by Religious Program Specialist Petty Officer Third Class (RP3) Cody B. Olliff. 1/12's RMT is here for you and to help you in any way that we can. The Chaplain is here to provide for the religious needs and services of all Marines, Sailors, and family members of those assigned to the battalion. All members have the freedom to pursue and further their religious beliefs according to their tradition and the RMT is here to ensure that you are able to worship in the way you are accustomed by assisting, providing, and facilitating.

In addition, the Chaplain is available for confidential counseling, whether it is for religious, family, or personal reasons. These sessions can be scheduled with the Chaplain regardless of your faith background. The Chaplain can also provide pre-marital counseling for those looking to get married.

If you would like to speak with a member of the RMT or to schedule an appointment with the Chaplain, please call 808-257-0902. The Chaplain's Office is located next to the FRO's office on the 1st deck of 1/12's HQ building. If there is anything I can do to serve you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Semper Fidelis,
Chaplain Rob Guilliams

Field Artillery Chief
DSN: 312-457-1414
COM: 808-257-1414

1st Battalion 12th Marines Batteries
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Commanding Officer
Capt Daniel J. O'Connell
Contact Information:
Battery Commander  808-257-2468
Battery Executive Officer  808-257-1060
Battery First Sergeant  808-257-2468
Battery Gunnery Sergeant  808-257-1060
Battery Clerks  808-257-1060
* When calling the above numbers from a DSN telephone, dial 457-XXXX

 Commanding Officer
    Capt Ryan L. Mathews 

Contact Information:

Battery Commander  808-257-8480
Battery First Sergeant  808-257-1623
Battery Gunnery Sergeant  808-257-2470
Battery Clerks  808-257-2470

*When calling the above numbers form a DSN telephone, dial 457-XXXX


Commanding Officer
Capt Jonathan H. Ritchey

Contact Information:

Battery Commander
Battery XO 808-257-8580
Battery First Sergeant 808-257-1663
Battery Gunnery Sergeant  800-257-8580
Battery Clerks  808-257-3144
Battery Plt Sgt 808-257-8579

*When calling the above numbers from a DSN telephone, dial 457-XXXX

Commanding Officer
Capt Stephen J. Shull
Contact Information:
Battery Commander  808-257-1663
Battery First Sergeant  808-257-1670
Battery Gunnery Sergeant  808-257-1136
Battery Clerks  808-257-1673
* When calling the above numbers from a DSN telephone, dial 457-XXXX
Points of Contact
COM: 808-257-3207

Battalion Family Readiness Officer
COM: 808-257-3221

Battalion SharePoint

1st Battalion 12th Marines' E-Marine