3d Battalion 12th Marines

3d Battalion 12th Marines Leaders

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Roe S. Lemons Jr

Lieutenant Colonel Lemons graduated from the University of Houston with a BS in Kinesiology-Exercise Science.  After graduating from The Basic School, 2nd Lt Lemons completed the Field Artillery Officer Basic Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.In April 2004, 2nd Lt Lemons reported to Battery B, 1st...

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Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Brian A. Woodruff

Sergeant Major Woodruff enlisted in the Marine Corps 16 November 2000, and attended recruit training at MCRD San Diego, CA graduating in October 2001. Upon graduation of recruit training, he was directed to Marine Combat Training, School of Infantry - West in December 2001. Following MCT he reported...

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3d Battalion
12th Marine Regiment
Unit 36110
FPO, AP 96385-6110
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S-1 Adjutant

DSN: 315-623-7764

S-1 Chief
DSN: 315-623-7765





S-2 Intel Officer

DSN: 315-623-4058

S-2 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4777





Operations Officer

DSN: 315-623-7763

DSN: 315-623-1157

S3 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4213

S3 Training
DSN: 315-623-4796





S4 Officer

DSN: 315-623-4614

DSN: 315-623-7723

S4 Chief/Embark
DSN: 315-623-1690

Motor Transport Officer
DSN: 315-623-7188

Supply Officer
DSN: 315-623-4456

Medical Officer
DSN: 315-623-4188





S6 Officer

DSN: 315-623-3456/1733

S6 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4605

Radio Chief
DSN: 315-623-7183

Wire Chief
DSN: 315-623-4294

Data Chief
DSN: 315-623-4294

EM Chief
DSN: 315-623-4284




Supply Officer

DSN: 315-623-4456

Supply Chief
DSN: 315-623-4438





DSN: 315-623-7766

Chaplain Assistant
DSN: 315-623-7766




Medical Officer

DSN: 315-623-4452

Dental Clinic
DSN: 315-623-4658




Career Retention Specialist

DSN: 315-623-7750


Family Readiness Officer
DSN: 315-623-7742
COM: 011-81-611-723-7742

Veterans Crisis Line
DStress Crisis Line
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Command Inspector General
Eagle Eyes