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3d Battalion 12th Marines


3d Battalion 12th Marines

12th Marine Regiment

Okinawa, Japan
3d Battalion 12th Marines Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel Richard H. Robinson III
Commanding Officer

Sergeant Major Erick Cortes
Sergeant Major
Unit Address
3d Battalion
12th Marine Regiment
Unit 36110
FPO, AP 96385-6110
3d Battalion 12th Marines Staff
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S-1 Adjutant
DSN: 315-623-7764

S-1 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4702
S-2 Intel Officer
DSN: 315-623-4380

S-2 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4777
Operations Officer
DSN: 315-623-4796

DSN: 315-623-7719

S3 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4213

S3 Training
DSN: 315-623-7763
S4 Officer
DSN: 315-623-4709

DSN: 315-623-7723

S4 Chief/Embark
DSN: 315-623-4478

Motor Transport Officer
DSN: 315-623-7188

Supply Officer
DSN: 315-623-4456

Medical Officer
DSN: 315-623-4188
S6 Officer
DSN: 315-623-3456

S6 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4605

Radio Chief
DSN: 315-623-4248

Wire Chief
DSN: 315-623-4294

Data Chief
DSN: 315-623-4294

EM Chief
DSN: 315-623-4284
Supply Officer
DSN: 315-623-4456

Supply Chief
DSN: 315-623-4459
DSN: 315-623-7757

Chaplain Assistant
DSN: 315-623-7766
Medical Officer
DSN: 315-623-4452

Dental Clinic
DSN: 315-623-4657
Career Retention Specialist
DSN: 315-623-7750
To learn more about the 3/12 Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP), please visit http://www.eMarine.org to find the unit site.

Family Readiness Officer
DSN: 315-623-7742
COM: 011-81-611-723-7742