12th Marine Regiment


12th Marine Regiment

3d Marine Division

Okinawa, Japan
12th Marine Regiment Leaders


Commanding Officer 12th Marine Regiment
Col. Lance A. McDaniel


Sergeant Major 12th Marine Regiment
Sergeant Major William J. Grigsby 




Thunder Videos

US Marines, Philippine Armed Forces Share Artillery Knowledge.

12th Marine Regiment combines skills with the Philippine 105mm howitzer April 26, during Exercise Balikatan 2015 at Crow Valley, Philippines. The U.S Marines fired simultaneously with the Philippine Marines at a simulated objective for enhanced combined capabilities during the final bilateral artillery fire. Includes sound bites from Sgt. Ryan Molina, Section Chief, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines; 1st Lt. Jose Noel B Bataga, Artillery Officer, Field Artillery Battalion and Col. Lance McDaniel, 12th Marine Regiment Commanding Officer.

Unit News
12th Marines Engage in Combined Arms During Exercise

By Lance Cpl. William Hester | March 20, 2015

An Okinawa based Marine Corps headquarters battery travelled to Hawaii to train directly with its MORE
12th Marine Regiment Maneuvers Through Dragon Fire Exercise 15-2

By Lance Cpl. William Hester | March 9, 2015

Rain falls for 18 hours straight onto the rocky, uninhabitable terrain in the Pohakuloa Training MORE
12th Marines Mess Hall competes for best mess hall in the Marine Corps

By Cpl. Tyler Giguere | March 9, 2015

Mess hall Marines brace for the oncoming meal-time rush of ravenous Marines. The day’s events go MORE
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Officer joins US Marines for ITX

By Cpl. Thor Larson | March 5, 2015

After three years in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, 1st Lt. Ryota Hasebe finally got his MORE
Ground Combat Element brings big guns for ITX 2-15:M777A2 Howitzer

By Lance Cpl. William Hester | January 31, 2015

Crisp, desert air greets the early rising Marines of Alpha Battery, as they prepare themselves and MORE
12th Marines Photos
Unit Address
12th Marines Regiment
3D Marine Division
UNIT 36050
FPO AP 96385-6050
12th Marines Staff
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S-1 Adjutant Officer
DSN: 315-623-4141
COM: 011-81-611-723-4141

S-1 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4170
COM: 011-81-611-723-4170
S-2 Officer
DSN: 315-623-7267
COM: 011-81-611-723-7267

S-2 Chief
DSN: 315-623-7266
COM: 011-81-611-723-7266
S-3 Officer
DSN: 315-623-4520
COM: 011-81-611-723-4520

S-3 Alpha
DSN: 315-623-4105
COM: 011-81-611-723-4105

S-3 Ops Chief
DSN: 315-623-7461
COM: 011-81-611-723-7461

MAGTF Plans Chief
DSN: 315-623-4176
COM: 011-81-611-723-4176
S-4 Officer
DSN: 315-623-7277
COM: 011-81-611-723-7277

S-4 Chief
DSN: 315-623-7295
COM: 011-81-611-723-7295

Motor Transport Officer
DSN: 315-623-7683
COM: 011-81-611-723-7683

Supply Officer
DSN: 315-623-7679
COM: 011-81-611-723-7679

Messhall Officer
DSN: 315-623-4231
COM: 011-81-611-723-4231

Medical Officer
DSN: 315-623-4390
COM: 011-81-611-723-4390

Embark Officer
DSN: 315-623-7295
COM: 011-81-611-723-7295
S-6 Officer
DSN: 315-623-7350
COM: 011-81-611-723-7350

S-6 Platoon Commander
DSN: 315-623-7318
COM: 011-81-611-723-7318

S-6 Chief
DSN: 315-623-4473
COM: 011-81-611-723-4473

S-6 Platoon Sergeant
DSN: 315-623-4719
COM: 011-81-611-723-4719

Wire Chief
DSN: 315-623-4398
COM: 011-81-611-723-4398

Radio Chief
DSN: 315-623-7318
COM: 011-81-611-723-7318

Data Chief
DSN: 315-623-4810
COM: 011-81-611-723-4810

EMF Chief
DSN: 315-623-4647
COM: 011-81-611-723-4647


Required Information Assurance annual training
Certificate must be printed and submitted with your SAAR to your local S-6 shop
For AMHS access goto the link below when prompted about which cert you would like to use select your email certificate and login.

Supply Officer
DSN: 315-623-7679
COM: 011-81-611-723-7679
DSN: 315-623-7398
COM: 011-81-611-723-7398

Regiment RP
DSN: 315-623-7056
COM: 011-81-611-723-7056
Medical Officer
DSN: 315-623-4390
COM: 011-81-611-723-4390
Career Planner
DSN: 315-623-7750
COM: 011-81-611-723-7750
12th Marine Regiment Family Readiness Officer
DSN: 315-623-4086
COM: 011-81-611-723-4086