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1st Battalion 12th Marines

1st Battalion 12th Marines Leaders

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Gill II

LtCol Gill graduated from the Virginia Military Institute with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering and received his commission through the NROTC Program in May 2006. After graduating from The Basic School and US Army Field Artillery Basic Officer Leaders Course, he reported for duty with...

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Sergeant Major

First Sergeant Mark S. Albert

Mark S. Albert was born on January 6, 1984 in Colorado Springs, Colorado to Matthew and Riki Albert and was raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2002 and attended Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego where, upon graduation, he was meritoriously...

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1st Battalion, 12th Marines, XX Battery
PO BOX 63024
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863

Officer of the Day (OOD)
DSN: 315-457-3207
COM: 808-257-3207

Battalion Portal

12th Marine Regiment Portal

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DSN: 315-457-2164
COM: 808-257-2164
Admin Chief
DSN: 315-487-1381
COM: 808-257-1381
S-2 Officer/Chief
DSN: 315-457-2297
COM: 808-257-2297
Operations Officer
DSN: 315-457-8110
COM: 808-257-8110
S-3 Alpha/OPS Chief/FDC/Training
DSN: 315-457-1702
COM: 808-257-1702
DSN: 315-457-1192
COM: 808-257-1192
DSN: 315-457-1561
COM: 808-257-1561
DSN: 315-457-3217
COM: 808-257-3217
S-4 Officer
DSN: 315-457-3205
COM: 808-257-3205
S-4 Clerks
DSN: 315-457-8010
COM: 808-257-8010
Supply Officer
DSN: 315-457-3118
COM: 808-257-3118
Supply Chief/Clerks
DSN: 315-457-3116
COM: 808-257-3116
DSN: 315-457-1061
COM: 808-257-1061
DSN: 315-457-1192
COM: 808-257-1192
BN MT Chief/Dispatch/Engineer Shop/Maintenance Chiefs/BN Truckmaster/Platoon Sgt/MTO
DSN: 315-457-1581
COM: 808-257-1581
Floor Chief
DSN: 315-457-9919
COM: 808-257-9919
HQ Armory
DSN: 315-457-0936
COM: 808-257-0936
A Armory
DSN: 315-457-0942
COM: 808-257-0942
C Armory
DSN: 315-457-0934
COM: 808-257-0934
E Armory
DSN: 315-457-0935
COM: 808-257-0935
BN Surgeon
DSN: 315-457-2497
COM: 808-257-2497
Comm Officer
DSN: 315-457-5193
COM: 808-257-5193
Comm Chief
DSN: 315-457-8410
COM: 808-257-8410
DSN: 315-457-2452
COM: 808-257-2452
Data / Wire
DSN: 315-457-3426
COM: 808-257-3426
DSN: 315-457-3401
COM: 808-257-3401
Battalion Chaplain
DSN: 315-457-0902
COM: 808-257-0902
Field Artillery Chief
DSN: 315-457-1414
COM: 808-257-1414

Primary: Capt Scott K. Wood
Bldg. 1027 Second Deck
DSN: 315-457-8010
COM: 808-257-0902
Cell: 443-995-5313
PAC Resource Website

Deployment Readiness Coordinator
DSN: 315-457-3221
COM: 808-257-3221