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3d Marine Division operates as a Stand-In Force in the first island chain to secure, seize, or defend key maritime terrain in order to deny and disrupt adversary actions in support of the Fleet, the joint force, and partnered and allied forces.


Our Legacy Continues

3d Marine Division celebrates its 79th anniversary on Sept. 16, 2021. On this day, the Division reflects on its legacy of valor, honor, and fidelity...


The Oldest and the Proudest

U.S. Marines with 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division are constantly forward deployed within the first island chain, prepared to deter and defeat any...


Free Fall

U.S. Marines with 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, 3d Marine Division, conduct free fall parachute operations on Ie Shima, Japan, Sept. 17, 2021. The...


Large Scale Exercise 2021

U.S. Marines with 3d Marine Division and elements throughout III Marine Expeditionary Force employ Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations across the...


Talisman Sabre HIMARS

U.S. Marine Corps High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems with 3d Battalion, 12th Marines, 3d Marine Division, and U.S. Army HIMARS with Alpha...

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3d Marine Division Leaders

Major General James W. Bierman
Commanding General

Major General James W. Bierman, Jr. was born in Camp Lejeune and is a graduate from the Virginia

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Colonel Jason S.D. Perry
Assistant Division Commander

Colonel Perry was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in December 1994 upon graduating from Brigham

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Sergeant Major Eric D. Cook
Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Cook, a native of Ewing, Illinois, entered the Marine Corps in August of

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Command Master Chief Donald Leppert
Command Master Chief

Master Chief Leppert, a native of Binghamton, New York, grew up in Newport, North Carolina, enlisted

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