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U.S. Marine Pfc. Angel Reveles fires on enemy targets at the Ulupau Range Training Facility on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, March 10, 2018. Bougainville I is used to train Marines to fight at the small-unit level and build their proficiency for future deployments. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Trevor Rowett)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Trevor Rowett

New 1/3 Marine Surpasses Expectations

14 Mar 2018 | Pfc. Trevor Rowett 3rd Marine Division

U.S. Marine Pfc. Angel Reveles joined the Marine Corps in June 2017 to be an infantry rifleman. Just two months into the Fleet Marine Force, Reveles became a fire team leader for Company A, 1st Battalion, 3d Marine Regiment, a position usually held by a Marine two ranks above him - corporals.

“I couldn’t see myself doing any other job,” said Reveles, a native of South Central, Los Angeles, California. “I have a lot of fun doing what I do.”

Joining the Marine Corps not only provided Reveles a job he enjoys but gave him recognition as a fierce and determined infantryman.

Upon graduating the School of Infantry West, Reveles was assigned to Alpha Co., 1/3 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Almost immediately, he distinguished himself from his peers by taking the time to take notes, learn his job and apply what he’s learned, leading to his new position as a fire team leader.

“That’s why we picked him to be a team leader,” said 1st Lt. Shane Curtis, Reyes' platoon commander. “He’s hungry, always listening, and willing to learn.”

Reveles and his team participated in Exercise Bougainville I, a Hawaii-based training exercise focusing on small unit tactics to enhance proficiency for future deployments, allowing him to further continue developing his skills as a fire team leader.

“I pick the brain of my seniors and people who’ve had more experience” said Reveles, a 2017 graduate of Lompoc High School. “I see myself getting better every day.”

Reveles and his team hit the ground running at the Ulupau Range Training Facility on MCBH. He led his team through a breach on the range using buddy rush tactics to rush targets simulating enemy positions.

“The fact that he’s already a team leader tells you how much he’s excelling compared to his peers,’’ Curtis said. “He just does a great job of taking what we tell him to do and making sure that he applies it every time.”

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