4th Marine Regiment
The Oldest and Proudest
  • U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Theo Pilette, an anti-tank missile gunner with 1st Battalion, 3d Marines, conducts the live-fire phase of the 3d Marine Division Squad Competition on Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan, Jan. 3, 2022. The week-long competition tests jungle survival skills, basic infantry tactics, and excellence in weapons handling. The competition participants are forward-deployed in the Indo-Pacific under 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division, as a part of the Unit Deployment Program. Pilette is a native of Grafton, Vermont. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jonathan Willcox)
  • U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Alexander Potochniak, an anti-tank missileman with 2d Battalion, 8th Marines conducts live-fire defense training with the 39th Infantry Regiment, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) during Resolute Dragon 21 at Iwate, Japan, Dec. 10, 2021. RD21 is the largest bilateral field training exercise between the U.S. Marine Corps and the JGSDF since 2013 and the largest ever in Japan. RD21 is designed to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the U.S.-Japan Alliance by exercising integrated command and control, targeting, combined arms, and maneuver across multiple domains. 2/8 is forward deployed in the Indo-Pacific under 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division.  Potochniak is a native of Mystic, Connecticut. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Scott Aubuchon)

4th Marine Regiment Leaders


Colonel Matthew W. Tracy

Colonel Tracy was born in West Hartford, Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University and a commissioning through their NROTC program in 1997.Colonel Tracy's assignments include Platoon Commander and Executive Officer with 3d Battalion, 8th Marines, Company Commander with the...

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Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major Chris K Singley

Sergeant Major Singley graduated from MCRD Parris Island in July of 1998.  After graduating as an Infantry Rifleman from Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry East in 1998, he reported to Co L 3d Battalion 8th Marines for duty.  In 1999, he deployed with the 26th MEU.  Upon returning from...

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4th Marine Regiment
3d Marine Division
UNIT 35970
FPO AP 96389-5970
After Hours Duty Phone
DSN: 315-625-1218
Cell phone: 080-2721-0971
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Company Commander:
DSN: 315-625-2567

Company First Sergeant:
DSN: 315-625-2205

Company Gunnery Sergeant:
DSN: 315-625-4339

Company Clerk:
DSN: 315-625-2247
Adjutant / Voting Officer
DSN: 315-625-2254
COM: 011-81-611-725-2254

Admin Chief
DSN: 315-625-2269
COM: 011-81-611-725-2639

Admin Office
DSN: 315-625-2639
COM: 011-81-611-725-2600
Intel Officer
DSN: 315-625-2606
COM: 011-81-611-725-2606

Intel Chief
DSN: 315-625-2588
COM: 011-81-611-725-4330

Intel Office
DSN: 315-625-2609
COM: 011-81-611-725-2609
Ops Officer
DSN: 315-625-2663
COM: 011-81-611-725-2663

Ops Chief
DSN: 315-625-2629
COM: 011-81-611-725-2629

Ops Office
DSN: 315-625-2605
COM: 011-81-611-725-2605
Logistics Officer
DSN: 315-625-2153
COM: 011-81-611-725-2366

Embark Officer
DSN: 315-625-2693
COM: 011-81-611-725-2659

Logistics Chief
DSN: 315-625-2151
COM: 011-81-611-725-2897

Supply Officer
DSN: 315-625-2647
COM: 011-81-611-725-2553

Supply Office
DSN: 315-625-2710
COM: 011-81-611-725-2389

Motor-T Dispatch
DSN: 315-625-2583
COM: 011-81-611-725-2583

Motor-T Officer
DSN: 315-625-2514
COM: 011-81-611-725-2514

Motor-T Chief
DSN: 315-625-2210
COM: 011-81-611-725-2210

Communications Platoon

Communications Admin Office
DSN: 315-625-1118
COM: 011-81-611-725-4503

DSN: 315-625-1114
COM: 011-81-611-725-2403

DSN: 315-625-2384
COM: 011-81-611-725-2384

DSN: 315-625-4505
COM: 011-81-611-725-4501

DSN: 315-625-7690
COM: 011-81-611-725-4511

S-6 Officer
DSN: 315-625-4512
COM: 011-81-611-725-2278

S-6 Chief
DSN: 315-625-2164
COM: 011-81-611-725-2164

DSN: 315-625-2682
COM: 011-81-611-725-2682
CELL: 090-6861-4763

Religious Program Specialist (RP1)
DSN: 315-625-2650
COM: 011-81-611-725-2650

RAS Officer (4th Marines Surgeon)
DSN: 315-625-2760
COM: 011-81-611-725-2760

DSN: 315-625-2402
COM: 011-81-611-725-2402

DSN: 315-625-2603
COM: 011-81-611-725-2463

Career Planner
DSN: 315-625-2670
COM: 011-81-611-725-2670

DSN: 315-625-7096

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DSN: 315-625-2449
Cell Phone: 080-2721-0956
DSN: 315-625-9800
Cell Phone: 080-8367-8592
DSN: 315-623-8736
Cell Phone: 080-8366-6082
Veterans Crisis Line
DStress Crisis Line
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Command Inspector General
Eagle Eyes