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3rd Marine Division Equal Opportunity
Equal opportunity guidance and resources

3d Marine Division Equal Opportunity Advisor


Office DSN: 315-622-7654

Office Commercial: +81-98-954-7654

How to Report a Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Complaint

You can report through your:

Chain of Command

The Chain of Command is the primary and preferred channel to prevent and respond to complaints of PAC. Use of the chain of command to address PAC exemplifies trust in leadership to quickly and effectively address violations of our standards.

Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR)

The EOR is an authorized source within the command to receive complaints on behalf of the commander. EORs are appointed by their commander.

Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA)

EOAs are the Marine Corps Subject Matter Experts (SME) on command climate and PAC. EOAs are assigned by Deputy Commandant, Manpower & Reserve Affairs (DC M&RA). 3d Marine Division EOA DSN 622-7654.


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