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Unit Address:
3d Marine Division
Unit 35801
FPO, AP 96382-5801
Senior Watch Officer (SWO)
Calling from U.S.: 011-81-98-954-9755
Calling from Japan: 098-954-9755
Calling from Military DSN: 622-9755
Command Deck
Calling from U.S.: 011-81-98-954-9511
Calling from Japan: 098-954-9511
Calling from Military DSN: 622-9511
Communication Strategy and Operations
Calling from U.S.: 011-81-98-954-9563
Calling from Japan: 098-954-9563
Calling from Military DSN: 622-9563
Military Defense Switch Network (DSN) numbers are only accessible from military phones.

3d Marine Division IMO
DSN: 622-9522/9303
Unit 35801
FPO, AP 96382-5801