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III Marine Expeditionary Force Band demonstrates its pride during the 75th Liberation Day Parade, July 21, 2019, in Guam. The III Marine Expeditionary Force and the 3rd Marine Division annually participate in the parade. (U.S. Marine Corps graphic by Lance Cpl. Kolby Leger)

Photo by Lance Cpl Kolby Leger

3rd Marine Division celebrates Guam's 75th Liberation Day

25 Jul 2019 | Cpl. Josue Marquez 3rd Marine Division

AGANA, Guam (July 21, 2019) ­– On July 21, 1944, Marines from 3rd Marine Division, led by Maj.Gen. Allen H. Turner, landed on the island of Guam to recapture the U.S. territory. 75 years later, members from the 3rd Marine Division Color Guard and the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band continue their participation in the annual liberation parade.

During Operation Forager in 1944, the Marines were tasked with an amphibious assault on both Asan and Agat Beach, then pushed further into Guam to recapture the island and liberate the Chamorro people. Guam was strategically helpful because of its size, location and suitability for supporting the next stage of operations for the U.S.

After 75 years, Guam continues to celebrate its liberation day annually and attracts people from around the world. “This is my first time after 75 years to come back to Guam,” said Raymond Faulkner, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who contributed to the liberation of Guam in 1944, and was able to attend this year’s parade.

This year, as many years past, members from multiple military branches participated in the parade to show their pride and appreciation for the citizens of Guam and to honor the long lasting relationships with the civilian community.