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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to commonly asked questions here. Please utilize the Website Recommendation link on the PCS/Inbound Home page or click here to submit any new or updated questions for this page.

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 How do I request a sponsor?
Click here to request a sponsor.
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 How do I register my child for school?
Once you know your school zone, you should contact that particular school for a registration packet. If you have already completed some of the paperwork, take it with you. Remember to bring a copy of your lease (off-base – obtained from your housing agency) or housing verification letter (on-base – obtained from the DoD Family Housing Office). You do not need to be physically living in the house at the time of registration.
 Where will my child go to school?
Your housing location will determine your school zone. Once you accept housing on or off base, the housing office or the Student Transportation Office can assist you with verifying the school your child/children will attend.
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 What is the current housing occupancy percentage?
This fluctuates every day, the official numbers will be provided to you during your housing brief.
 When will we know if we're residing off-base or on?
14 days after you attend the Housing brief located on Kadena Air Base.
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 How do I renew my state-side drivers license?
Contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Office for their respective renewal process. Click here to find your DMV.
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 Can I travel with my military issued no-fee passport?
This passport is only authorized for official travel. For more information please visit the official US Department of State Travel website here.