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3d Marine Division


3d Marine Division

The Fighting Third

Okinawa, Japan

When you arrive on island, your sponsor will take you to visit the housing office. At this time, the housing representative will review your needs and the available housing options. There are several factors that affect your housing assignment including the Marines duty camp, rank and the size of your family. Newcomers to the island are required to live on base if on base housing options that fit their family needs are available. You will be offered two housing options to choose from. These may be on the same base or two different locations.

[Last Update: 20 NOVEMBER 2020]

The Okinawa Military Family Housing Office and Kadena Family Housing webpages have current information on Military Family Housing, Management Office hours of operations, locations, forms, policies and pictures of military family housing on Okinawa.

Because of the dynamic nature of Marines and their families constantly arriving and departing Okinawa, housing is not assigned until after your arrival on island. You may take the steps in advance to complete your paperwork, but it is important to understand that you will have to spend a short period of time in temporary lodging.

The temporary lodging links offer you options for your stay immediately upon arrival. There are various locations and amenities, and you may select the one that best suits your needs. The only “pet friendly” temporary lodging is located at the Shogun Lodge on Kadena airbase. Reservations may be made up to XX days in advance. Because it can be difficult to call overseas, your sponsor will assist in this process. It is best to reserve your lodging for xx days. You may always cancel additional days if you are assigned housing before the end of your scheduled stay.

Temporary Lodging

[Last Update: 29 JUNE 2020]

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